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5 Liter PET Bottle Making Machine - High Speed
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  PET Blow Molding Machine
High-Speed Mineral Water Bottle Blow Molding Machine
Economical Full-automatic Blow Molding Machine
PET Blow Moulding Machine ZQ-B Series,Max.10L
Plastic Bottle Blowing Machine ZQ-A,Preform Manual Loading
High-speed PET Stretch Blow Moulding Machine-Servo and energy conservation
Rotary PET Stretch Blowing Machines
Plastic Blow Molding Machine ZQ-D Series,Max.2L
ZQ22-III,IV PET Blow Molder
5-Gallons PET Blowing Moulder
ZQ22-500 For PMMA/PC Lamp
  PE Blow Moulding Machine
Extrusion Blow Moulding Machine (Single Station)
Extrusion Blow Molding Machine (Double Station)
25-160L Blow Mold Machine
230-300L Blow Mould Machine
PC 5-Gallon Blowing Machine
Pneumatic Minitype Machine
  Plastic Cap & Closure Making Machine
High-Speed Rotary Plastic Cap Compression Moulding Machine
  PET Preform Moulds
32 Cavities PET Preform Mould Hot Runner(Shut-Off Nozzle)
48 Cavities PET Preform Molds with Shut-Off Nozzle
72 Cavities PET Preform Mold with Hot Runner System
Preform Mould Hot Runner System(Shut-Off Nozzle)
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20th Malaysia International Rubber, Plastic, Mould and Die Industry Technology Exhibition

Date: 2009-6-11


20th Malaysia International Rubber, Plastic, Mould and Die Industry Technology Exhibition

MIMF’ 2009
Rubber-Plas/Food-Pack/Sign & Digital Print 
Venue:  PWTC, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia                       
Date:   23rd – 26th July 2009
Ziqiang Booth No.: 1110-1114,1125-1129
Exhibits: Pet Blow Molding Machine, 48 cavities Per Preform Mould
Venue:  Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center(SECC)
        799 Nguyen Van Linh Parkway, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Date:   29rd July – 1st Aug 2009
Ziqiang Booth No.: D001
Exhibits: Blow Molding Machine, 48 cavities Per Preform Mould
Drinktec 2009--Gemany
Venue:  New Munich Trade Fair Centre,Germany
Date:   14-19 September 2009
Ziqiang Booth No.: HALL B2
Exhibits: 72 cavities Per Preform Mould
2009 China International Beverage Industry Exhibition on Science & Technology (CBST2009)
Venue:  Shanghai New International Expo Centre
Date:   24th-26th November 2009
Ziqiang Booth No.: Hall W1-5D02

Exhibits: High-Speed Ratory Pet Blow Molding Machine, Per Preform Injection Molding System

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